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Your Community, Covered.

The Maine Trust for Local News is the largest independent and community-based media company in Maine. We strive to strengthen and sustain local journalism across Maine, created by the people it serves. Stay up-to-date with our work, and opportunities to engage with and support us, by signing up for our newsletter.

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“A free and local press is vital to our state and country!”

Betty and Duncan Perry, supporters

“If democracy is to not only survive but thrive, we must have local independent news.”

Nancy and David Brenerman, supporters

“I believe in the power of local news to build and sustain community.”  

Jeff Perlman, supporter

“Strong, independent, local reporting in Maine — the way life should be!!”

Lee and Gina Mitgang, supporters

“We are blessed with some of the best local and statewide reporting in the country. We need to keep it going.”

Tom Spear, supporter 

“Maine’s local journalism is a treasure. We need it!”

Joan, supporter

“We need to keep independent local journalism alive and well in Maine.”

Anonymous, supporter

“It took living elsewhere for me to appreciate the strength of local news in Maine.  We are truly punching above our weight here, to the benefit of all our communities.”

Debbe Kelley, supporter

The Latest

We have recruited a diverse and dedicated group of Mainers to serve as the board’s inaugural members.

As Maine’s largest media company, we distribute our weekly and daily publications across 14 counties and 286 towns. Our digital footprint spans the entire state and beyond, with a substantial out-of-state audience that relies on us for comprehensive Maine news coverage.

The Maine Trust is a subsidiary of the National Trust for Local News, a non-profit committed to conserving and operating vibrant, sustainable local news enterprises across the country.